PVC, transparent / gray / yellow PVC aka PVC resin, has a non-crystallized property, and transformable when heated. PVC is one of the five most broadly used resins; it has an inseparable relation with our life. Depending on the usage, it can be categorized into two main types: soft and hard. Hard type is mainly used in water pipes, and plastic flooring. Soft type is mainly used in toys, synthetic leather, and gloves. In using PVC as thin films, the most widely used is plastic cloth in agriculture industry. The insulation material that covers the electric wires is a type of soft PVC and is used mostly. PVC offer high strength and stiffness. Its temperature range is between 00 to 600C. PVC also displays good resistance when exposed to organic and inorganic chemicals as well as oxidizing media.




Endures chemical reaction
High electric resistibility

1. Electronics: electric wire cover, electric pipe insulation material, tape, electric wire.
2. Machinery: car-seat cushion, chemical plant pipes, and car parts.
3. Construction: water pipe, soft pipe, hard pipe, window frame, board, flooring, roof material, and heat insulation material.
4. Articles of Daily Use: purse, belt, plastic shoes, tablecloth, clear bottles, and phones.
5. Other: blow dryer, shoe-making, plastic bottle, toy, agriculture-use film, painting material, and pill wrapping case/sheet.
6. Printing electroplating use


Jyh Shann founded in 1975. Specializes in all kinds of high and low grade engineering plastics, Phenolic Laminate and Epoxy Resin Laminate. The materials are available in flat plates, round, tubes, square bars, welding rods, etc.

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